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Find Go Veggies at Canisius College

Students at Canisius College can now dine on vegan burgers, cupcakes, mac and cheese, and more. Canisius College in Buffalo, NY has introduced its first-ever vegetarian dining station in campus cafeterias. Dubbed “Pitchforks”—complete with signage that reads “Eat More Plants”—the station serves the Canisius student body of more than 4,000 with options such as sweet […]

Go Veggies … and go healthy!

Veggie burgers, veggie sauce, veggie rolls and mango pudding are sought-after favorites at the Elmwood-Bidwell Farmers Market, courtesy of vendor Genga Ponnampalam and his popular Go Veggies stand. But did you know that Go Veggie products are available year-round? Genga prepares his products using the freshest ingredients available. His delicious veggie burgers, for example, contain […]

Go Veggies’ Vegan/Vegetarian Meetup

It’s one thing being a vegetarian and navigating your surroundings in search of the best non-meat offerings you can find – something that might take a little time to do, although the payoff is being rewarded with plenty of options in the end. It’s another thing to learn about the vegan/vegetarian community in Buffalo – […]

Engineering a better veggie burger

For the better part of a decade, software engineer Genga Ponnampalam spent his workweek writing computer programs. The weekend was for veggie burgers. Since getting laid off last year, the Sri Lankan entrepreneur has been working on taking those veggie burgers big-time. “It’s going good right now,” said Ponnampalam. “People like my stuff, especially the […]

Go Veggies

By now you may have already met Genga Ponnampalam. He is a big proponent of buying locally, giving back to the Buffalo community and he’s very hip to local activism and politics. Did I mention he’s a huge fan of veggies? Read More at

Tonawanda chef offers vegetarian foods to go!

The veggie rolls are deceptively simple — wheat wraps tucked around mashed potatoes and peas, seasoned with garlic, ginger and spices. The rolls are fried in a bit of oil and served hot. During a recent testing, a taster took a bite and found the creamy potatoes a perfect contrast to the mildly spicy flavor […]